Creating a deeper connection with myself

Jun 6, 2021

As I look back and reflect on myself and my journey…

Where was I?

In all honesty, it was hard to be on my own. Put me in groups helping others, connecting, giving my all to others, that is easy. My days were filled of doing things. I identified myself with connecting with others. However as soon as I was alone for awhile I felt insignificant, hopeless, worthless.

Once I recognised this it was hard to face.

Is this all I am?

I felt as if I would shrink into a tiny ball and vanish.

It was so bad at times I would cry for hours. But as soon as I began to sit with myself, I began to notice and recognise who I was. Who I am. Being familiar with myself. Learning more about myself. Without others in my life without the busy – ness of life. Who am I? Discovering me.

The journey of discovering me without doing, accomplishing, just being.

Shadows of myself came up.

Those uncomfortable feelings and thoughts came up.

I began to flow through these.

Beginning to observe without attachment.

I began to recognise and familiarise myself with the world around me in a different way. Instead of checking in with others first, I started to connect in with me, then with others.

What is my energy VS what is someone else’s or the collective.

By doing this I have learnt to love and appreciate myself on a deeper level. Respect myself and know myself on a level that I have not been able to do ever. Listening to myself and my body.

I have now been able to take myself out and enjoy my own company as much as the company of others. Recognising and feeling the divine source is within and also around me. What a gift.

I have those moments of ups and downs.. it’s human right? However, instead of resisting, I am riding those waves.

So this is a moment of celebration. Recognising the journey and how far I’ve come.

We are all different and unique and have our own journey. Perhaps this story may resonate, perhaps it may inspire or just give a different perspective.

What has your journey been like for you?
How can you celebrate?

From my heart to yours,

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