Jan 20, 2023

Relationships can be tough work… REALLY tough.

Once we know ourselves more it can be a lot easier. We can be clear with our boundaries, what we want and voice what is going on.

After going through many relationships in my life and having the rollercoasters of love and questioning self worth, putting others before myself, and memories I wanted to escape.

It all lead me to where I am today.

My amazing partner and I have been together for over half a decade.

Was it easy to come to were we are at in our lives? No.

Or perhaps it is all perspective.

When we got to know each other it was CHAOS. The honeymoon stage? Oh Please! We had none of that, it was a whirlwind of emotions.

But as we were honest with one another and showed up for ourselves and each other and held space it became easier.

We had trauma from past hurts.

We had so many barriers and shields up and a lot of the time we would be at war.

But who were we fighting? And for what purpose?

The more we let down our guard and open up and put down our swords the more safe we felt. The more we could be with one another. Truly be present. Not living from the past or the future.

People thought what is wrong with you? You aren’t even in the honeymoon phase and you already have these problems, its only going to get worse.

Boy where they wrong!

I would break down, oh the shedding, the healing, the purging ..

This went on for days.. and days.. and months..

I did not give in. There was a light and guidance within that knew what was right despite the noise outside.

I wasn’t ready for a relationship.. not now.. but we are here?

Oh the conflicting messages going through my head..

I need to be on my own to explore me.. I was always there for others and now it’s time to be there for myself..

By continuing to follow this fire within. We overcame the darkest nights.


And also alone.

And that’s how,..

I met my twin flame..

Despite the noise of the outside world. There is that inner wisdom within you.

Whether it is saying YES

Or it says NO

When was the last time you had this inner wisdom? Did you listen to it?
How can you connect more with it?

From my heart to yours,

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