Freeing Myself from the Chains of Expectation

Nov 1, 2016

My life was great? I couldn’t complain. I had the job that I had studied all these years for and worked my way up the corporate ladder but something was itching inside of me saying there is more.

Am I crazy? Why?

My boss was amazing, I was in a high paying job, beautiful friends, family and partner.

As the days and weeks went on my motivation and zest for what I was doing was starting to diminish. Despite fighting it, the emotions came up. I could no longer put this under the rug.

From me going from jumping out of bed with motivation and energy and love for life to now being stuck in bed finding it hard to get out.

One day I burst in tears, I can’t do this anymore.

I need to trust myself although I was uncomfortable, I had to make a decision and promise to myself and take ACTION.

Then from that moment forward I told my boss I will be leaving in 6 months.

“What will you do?”

“I am taking this time to learn more about me and travel around the world!”

AM I crazy? I “had it all” according to the norms of society. Why throw it away?

Was it? Or was it pushing myself out of my comfort zone? Breaking more boundaries of comfort.

I loved putting myself in these situations, and I knew this is what my soul was calling.

I knew this is what I had to do.
The trip was a self discovery and a true awakening to my true self.

Stripping away my superficial layers and leaving myself raw for everyone to see.

Stepping into a world of unknown, no plans, and a big backpack I ventured to Europe, then to the Americas, starting from south America and making my way up.

Living out of a backpack, meeting people from all walks of life. But also being silent with myself.

Quieting the busy-ness of the work day and really connecting with myself. Going for 5 day hikes in the Andeas while travelling deep into the Amazon.

There was so much to learn and so much to do.

Was it all sunshine and rainbows?


Each person that came into my path was there with lessons and learnings. I could take this as an opportunity to grow or..

I freed myself from expectations of others. From the labels I had put on myself and was able to truly thrive in being the best me.

Loving all of me even the parts of me which I hid for so many years.

Did I like planning?

Did I like looking a certain way?

How would your life be if you let go of expectations of others? Any labels you have of yourself?

From my abundant heart to yours,

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