Bianca Zenari has always had a strong passion for people and bringing out the best in others which led her to succeed in many areas of her life and develop strong long lasting relationships, personally and professionally.

She has held a strong intuitive and empathic sense being attuned and connected with the world around her. She found what she thought was success by climbing up the corporate ladder, but what she discovered was she was not satisfied and there was a yearning for something more.

Throughout Bianca’s life she has been able to see the amazing potential that people hold within bringing out their best selves even when sometimes they may not believe it for themselves. Always with compassion, love, persistence and patience.

For many years, Bianca doubted herself and her abilities, however she constantly pushed boundaries and challenged her beliefs and old outdated programming…

allowing her to uncover the diamond she had within.

In earlier years, Bianca studied a Bachelor of Business and Commerce in Property and Finance, going on to work for the leading real estate agency in an exclusive area of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. In under a year of employment, she was promoted to be the Commercial Property Manager, excelling in her field, managing a portfolio of over 100 properties and tenants. During this time, her desire for greater expansion and growth was ignited once again.

Leaving behind a high paying job, knowing there was a way to reach and help more people, she gave notice and set off for a trip around the world lasting 16 months.

She always had a passion to learn and understand the psychology of why we do what we do and what sets successful people apart from the rest.

Travelling in this way would allow her to meet people from all walks of life, sharing stories, events and understanding different cultures, opening her up to understand the psychology of people greater.

Prior to leaving, she studied with the highly respected international leading NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming) Training and Coaching company, as well as having studied for years a number of personal development courses. These skills became the perfect tools while travelling, being able to see and understand how people communicated and assisting others on their journey while she travelled. People along the trip were very encouraging of the skills she had acquired and were constantly telling her she should follow this path as a career.

After getting very sick and being bedridden on the trip for 2 weeks, she began contemplating what she would do when she returned, that is when she challenged her limiting beliefs of what was holding her back. When she made this decision and challenged these beliefs things started to line up.

Upon returning to Australia, Bianca was invited for an interview at one of the leading NLP providers.

The rest is history.

Now with over 5 years experience, studying and working alongside world-renowned coaches and trainers at the top of their field, she knows her destiny and purpose has always been to assist others in their growth journey and creating success in all areas of life.

During this time, she has also studied a number of eastern and western modalities focusing on the mind, body, and spirit to enrich her wealth of knowledge. Now an international coach, coaching people from across the globe, she uses the tools and experiences she has acquired that have assisted her own inner transformation and the transformations of others. She is passionate about sharing these tools and techniques with more and more people, helping them to uncover their own hidden diamond.

These experiences have all led to Zenari Wellness being founded.

‘Zen’ meaning peaceful and calm and ‘Ari’ meaning lion.

Symbolising the uniting forces of both the inner peacefulness as well as the strength of the lion used to guide you on your own transformational journey.

Zenari Wellness has been created to empower people to live their best lives, to know that no matter your situation that anything is possible. To bring back the wholeness of who you truly are. The core vision is to reach people from around the world, holding space and guiding you through your journey of expansion and growth. Empowering you with tools and techniques to live your purpose and connect to your own inner guidance.

Zenari Wellness is also a collaborative platform working with holistic practitioners from around the world. The vision of Zenari Wellness collaborations is to bring together individuals from across the board from health and wellness experts to creatives, to provide education on a wide range of topics, giving you tools to enrich your life.

If you are interested in collaborating with Zenari Wellness, click here to get in touch.

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