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I’m Bianca Zenari, the founder and creator of Zenari Wellness. A coaching and collaborative platform to empower and uplift amazing people like YOU! I am grateful that you have been guided to this page and I’m looking forward to connecting with you.

As an International Coach through my 1:1 coaching sessions, I’m here to assist you on your journey, creating a safe space where you can be your authentic self, helping support you in becoming the best you, while empowering and uplifting you! With a wealth of knowledge and a range of different skills, I help you breakthrough from your limitations, tapping into your unconscious, releasing patterns, behaviours, negative self-talk and clearing anything that doesn’t serve you. These sessions are customised to you and your personal goals. Connecting to your inner guidance while freeing you from the limitations so you can soar into your highest potential!

Alongside coaching, Zenari Wellness is also a collaborative platform working with holistic practitioners from around the world. The vision of Zenari Wellness Collaborations is to bring together individuals from across the board from health and wellness experts to creatives, to provide education on a wide range of topics, focusing on mind, body and spirit. Empowering to give you tools to enrich your life!

Be the change you want to see in the world!

~ Gandhi

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Are you wanting to live your best life?

Do you have limiting beliefs and patterns holding you back?

Are you tired of the rollercoaster of emotions?

Are you wanting to step into your true potential and wanting to live a more fulfilling life?

Do you have limiting self talk that gets in the way of being the best you?

Are you wanting to feel more balanced and whole?

Or perhaps you want to advance your career or business but feel stuck?

Whether it is to improve your overall well being, performance, relationships with self or others, advancing or changing career, mastering your communication, improving health, I’ve got you covered!

Connect with your potential and unleash your BRILLIANCE!

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Breakthroughs with Bianca

Bianca helped me move past my mental roadblocks and helped clarify my why.

Bianca challenged my mindset and headspace more so than I had ever experienced. She encouraged me to think deeper about my reasoning behind why I do things, and helped me understand how I functioned cognitively, mentally and emotionally. Bianca provided me with tools and strategies to help me move past my mental roadblocks, and clarified my “why”.

I still use the valuable skills I have learnt with B to this day, and the smallest things remind me of her beautiful generosity and coaching style. She is calm and compassionate, yet a very loud and encouraging voice and mentor.

Your emotional well-being as I have learnt is an investment, and B is an investment worth choosing!

Lauren Amendee

Personal Trainer & High School Teacher

Talking about how I was at the beginning seems to me as if I am speaking of another person.

Starting a journey with Bianca was one of the best decisions I ever made!

I started to have anxiety and panic attacks for the first time and had absolutely no idea what to do. Also, professionally I was feeling kind of lost, not sure about my career and if the job I was doing was the right one for me.

With Bianca’s kindness and support she guided me through every thought and emotion helping me to discover a whole world inside of me. Thanks to the exercises during our sessions, every time I had a clearer image of what my path was and now I’m starting my own business doing something that I deeply love and know this is what I was meant to do! Now I feel excited and happy thinking about my job!

Talking about how I was at the beginning seems to me as if I am speaking of another person, she helped me notice how much I have grown and how much I can still learn about myself. At the end of every session I would feel lighter but at the same time full of self-love and confidence, like taking a breath of fresh air!

Viviana Reali

The Sunrising Studio

Bianca coaching is her true calling!

Our coaching sessions have always left me feeling so much lighter, like a big weight has been lifted. She has been someone who has always made me feel loved and supported, while intuitively recognising things that I am unable to express and helps me communicate those things to clear them. Bianca has gifted me tools that allow me to progress in life with more love and confidence in myself.

Bianca comes from a place of love and has a genuine care for others which is so comforting. If you are looking for a coach that takes a holistic approach, then I wholeheartedly recommend working with Bianca.

Vivian Soulios

I can honestly say working with Bianca has completely changed my life for the better.

I have been working with Bianca for about 6 months now and can honestly not speak highly enough of her as a person and as a coach. Every session I have had with Bianca has been different and so insightful. Bianca really does care which is different to any other professional I have seen before, where sometimes you can feel like just a number.

Before I started working with Bianca I had severe anxiety issues that were so crippling, she has taught me how to get to the root of the problem with various techniques.

Also I used to be a person who feared life itself. I would just cruise and stay in my comfort zone for fear of change no matter how unhappy it made me. Since our sessions I have been able to make massive changes and changes that I wanted. I left a job I was unhappy in and straight away things changed and started to line up for me. I applied and got accepted into University which starts a day before my birthday then applied for a short Tafe course and got accepted which finishes the day before Uni starts. I couldn’t believe how it all lined up, a sign that I was on the right path!

Bianca has taught me about the power of my mind and how just small shifts in thinking can help change my outlook.

I can honestly say working with Bianca has completely changed my life for the better in only 6 months and I have grown so much. Bianca truly is amazing and I am forever grateful that I started working with her, it’s the best decision I ever made.

Nathan Gray

Working with Bianca has been life changing.

6 months ago I found myself at a crossroads. I had felt an old identity drifting away and a new one emerging. I knew I had to work through things in my inner world, but there was only so much I knew I could do on my own. I knew there were traumas stuck inside of me that I couldn’t quite get to the bottom of. I had great self-awareness but I just didn’t know HOW to release these things. I have always been someone who is stubborn and determined to do it all on my own. But I knew I had reached a turning point, where I could no longer think that way. So, I reached out to Bianca. I made a commitment to myself. I fully and completely invested in myself. Turning to traditional routes such as counselling and psychologists never resonated with me, because I already understood most things from an intellectual level. I wanted deep healing. I wanted to reach my subconscious.

So I decided to book weekly sessions with Bianca and 20 Sessions later, I can say this is THE greatest investment I’ve made on myself. To be guided through processes to heal things I have carried all of my life has been incredible.

Working with Bianca has been life changing. I feel like I have been guided so beautifully to become more and more my true self. My relationships have improved, my physical and mental health have dramatically improved and my overall love for life has increased. In our sessions we have worked on clearing and moving through so many blocks and limitations. I have been supported through very stressful and triggering times with the most beautiful respect and understanding. I have also been guided to tap into inner wisdom I had stored within me. Because of all of this I was also able to leave my old job and pursue my passion of being a writer.

I believe this is an investment everyone should make for themselves. If you are on the fence with deciding whether to book a session with Bianca, please just go ahead and book. It will transform your life!!

Flavia Zenari

Writer & Author of Letters from Love

I am so grateful for the work that Bianca does.

Since my childhood sexual trauma came up to the surface in my life, I was facing repeating patterns of self harm as well as episodes of mental spiralling. I decided to book in with Bianca, after sessions with her we addressed those self harming tendencies and it never came back. Since these sessions I started having a healthy way of navigating big emotions or internal pain and I didn’t even go to the point of thinking of harming myself or allowing my mind to go into the patterns of spiralling into self judgement etc.

I am so grateful for the work that Bianca does, her non judgemental, gentle approach combined with her sensitivity makes me feel safe, seen, heard and supported.

She always spot on and picks up on the patterns of my mind and helps me rewrite the stories I tell myself into the ones which are more supportive in my life. She is an angel.

Dorota Mroczek

Yes I’m ready!

Let’s Work Together

Zenari Wellness is bringing together passionate individuals from across the board from holistic practitioners, health and wellness experts, creatives, to provide education on a wide range of topics, focusing on mind, body and spirit. Empowering others to give tools to enrich their life!

Workshops, training and education are done in person or online so you can be anywhere in the world!

If you are an entrepreneur and like working with others? Or perhaps you have great ideas, a wealth of knowledge, expertise, or have something special you want to offer? Or do you have gifts and talents you are wanting to share?

Let’s empower and uplift one another and collaborate together.

Whether it be providing some education, workshops or some training I’d love to hear from you.

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